TBA Frogurt Deli

TBA Frogurt Deli assistant manager Thomas Dang serves customers on Tuesday afternoon.

Vietnamese food and frozen yogurt.

The two are rarely paired in the same sentence, much less served together in the same retail establishment.

But a Harker Heights family challenged the status quo when it began offering a traditional Vietnamese menu along with frozen yogurt at TBA Frogurt Deli.

“At first, we were just selling frozen yogurt, but my father loves to cook … pho is his specialty,” said Thomas Dang, general manager and the owner’s son. “So we decided to add a cooked food menu.”

The deli is owned by Leo Lee and operated by his family. In fact, TBA is an acronym for the names of Lee’s children — Thomas, Brian and Alina.

“My father and I designed the restaurant,” Dang said. “My father also cooks the food. Mother and I help around the daily ins and outs of the restaurant. My little sister and brother pitch in as well.”

The deli, in Royal Plaza at 480 E. Farm-to-Market 2410, has attracted many Vietnamese dining and frozen-yogurt enthusiasts since opening in July 2011. The menu includes pho, wonton soup, fresh spring rolls filled with noodles, shrimp with cilantro and traditional Vietnamese fruits, along with 10 frozen yogurt flavors.

“I really like the coffee or the tropical sunrise flavor,” said resident Renae Adams. “They are both so fresh and tasty.”

TBA is the only Vietnamese restaurant in Heights.

Lee and his family are OK with that. “My family looks forward to helping the community by introducing to them to the Vietnamese culture through our food and good service,” Lee said through a translator.

Monique Brand - Herald correspondent

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