The newest member of Nolanville’s Economic Development Corporation Board wants what the residents want.

Kara Escajeda, 40, and the vice president of the EDC, said development initiatives need to reflect the needs of Nolanville. A U.S. Army veteran with more than 20 years of service, she has lived in the Fort Hood area three separate times. First residing in Lampasas, then in Harker Heights, Escajeda finally decided to move to Nolanville when it was time to raise a family.

“The sense of community in Nolanville reminds me of my hometown, Forrest, Ill. You feel it as soon as you drive over the railroad tracks,” she said, explaining that she wanted to raise her children in the same environment.

Learning about the position through a mass email sent out by the city, Escajeda decided to apply for the position because she saw it as an opportunity to help the city to continue moving in a more positive direction.

Escajeda is the newly elected vice president who followed the original vice president, Sidney Shelton’s, resignation in February.

Now an active-duty environmental science engineering officer with the 85th Civil Affairs Brigade, Escajeda believes that her experience with regulatory law and project management will be useful to the EDC.

“Personally, I would like to see the community center used as an outreach to improve the wellness of our population,” she said, explaining that she would like to see a small resource center set-up-shop inside the building.

The center, she said, could operate as a resource center that provides computer access to residents. She also wanted to see if the community center could host activities for senior citizens or hold wellness classes.

“The most important thing that the EDC must keep in mind is that initiatives should derive from the needs of the population,” she said. “We must assess what the residents of Nolanville feel that we want to improve.

“The most important thing, however, is that any EDC business-related initiative reflects the needs and wants of the community.”

Contact Courtney Griffin at or 254-501-7559

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