RED’s Corner Grill

Wayne Young, co-owner and manager of RED’s Corner Grill, is seen in Harker Heights.

Imagine you’re on the set of the old hit TV show “Cheers,” but instead of a basement bar in Boston, you’re in a corner restaurant with a spacious outdoor patio in Harker Heights,

That, my friends, is RED’S Corner Grill. Much like “Cheers,” the atmosphere is warm, as if the 6-month-old establishment had been around for years.

Two weeks ago, I arrived at RED’s on a Friday night. My Celtics were playing the Knicks and I wanted to find a place to cheer them on and have a drink. So I was excited to see the huge flat-screen TVs hanging on every wall. I was immediately greeted with a smile and friendly service from the bar staff. As I waited for my drink, the bartender greeted customers by name, asking some about their families. That’s when the warm and fuzzy Cheers feeling hit me.

Regular customer Charles “Mack” Duphney told me RED’s is good for any occasion.

“If you are having a good day, come to RED’s,” he said. “Bad day, RED’s. Football season, RED’s. Heck, my wife and I had our anniversary party here last year.”

I was starting to get it. RED’s also has karaoke and occasionally features live music on their large covered patio.

“If you come by on Wednesdays or Thursdays, you’ll get a kick out of the karaoke crowd — very lively,” said Heights resident Amanda Browning.

While RED’s is a good place to grab a beer, watch a game and maybe listen to some music, it’s also very family friendly. I arrived quite early in the evening and saw several families with small children having dinner.

“My fiance has been raving about this place while I was living in Atlanta,” said first-time customer Gary Spencer. “This is pretty chill. She wasn’t lying.”

As I watched the game, I studied the large menu but couldn’t decide what to order. A server suggested I try the Jalapeno Stuffed Poppers Burger, which was rumored to be their most popular item.

I took her advice, ordered the burger and was not disappointed. It was quite delicious.

Although my night ended in disappointment when the Knicks knocked the Celtics from the playoffs, RED’s softened the blow.

RED’s is open from 11 a.m. to midnight daily in Market Heights, 201 E. Central Texas Expressway, Harker Heights.

Monique Brand - Herald correspondent

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