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John Reider received the 2013 Linda Neault Citizen Award for Community Service at the Heights Chamber of Commerce Banquet and Celebration on Monday at the Killeen Civic and Conference Center. Another photo of the banquet is on page B8.

John Reider, owner of John Reider Properties, tries to be low key and behind the scenes when it comes to volunteering, but there was no hiding when he received a community service award in front of more than 400 people.

Reider received the 2013 Linda Neault Citizen Award for Community Service during the Harker Heights Chamber of Commerce’s 25th annual Awards Banquet & Celebration on Oct. 28.

The award is designed to recognize Harker Heights citizens who have been extraordinary in their service to the community, according to chamber president Bill Kozlik. The community service award was named for the late Neault, who also was an avid volunteer and considered to be an exemplary member of the Harker Heights community.

“I was a little nervous about how close our table was to the stage, because the last time I sat that close to the stage, my company received an award,” said Reider about winning the small business award last year. “I was nervous when they called me up because I’m not a big recognition guy and to be given an award named after such a beautiful and kind woman is very humbling.”

Causes close to Reider’s heart include helping nonprofit organizations, pet adoption agencies and local food banks.

“I try to do as much as I can because there is so much need out there,” he said. “I’ve been very blessed to have a successful business, which is only possible because of the community and citizens here. Volunteering is my way of paying it forward.”

Kozlik said Reider has been on the ground floor on many of the developments in Harker Heights and that he does a lot more than just sit in an office and collect a commission.

“He is just a dynamic person and he gives an awful lot back to the community,” Kozlik said. “He has forged strong relationships between the city and its citizens and he is very deserving of this award for all that he does and will continue to do for Harker Heights.”

Reider has lived in Harker Heights since 1989 and has been in business since 1995.

“It’s very flattering to be given an award in Linda’s name because she was always going somewhere and she was always doing something,” Reider said. “Volunteering your time is just as important, if not more so, than writing a check. The more people volunteer, the better and richer their community becomes.”

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