A boombox played country music and the scent of grilled hot dogs wafted outside the Sam’s Club Hiring Center in Killeen at a neighborhood military appreciation event from noon to 4 p.m. Sunday.

The membership-only retail chain offered free hot dogs Sunday, and is offering free memberships for active-duty and retired military personnel, military spouses and military contractors, said Harker Heights Sam’s Club Membership Manager April Crofford. The corporation also offers gift card incentives for civilian members.

Yearly standard and business memberships are $45, and Plus memberships, which offer cash rewards and an extra year of coverage with certain stipulations, cost $100.

Eduardo Ceballos, 25, a senior line medic with the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, is excited about the arrival of Sam’s Club because he prefers to buy in bulk for his family, which will soon include a second child, he said. If he ever goes to the field, all four family members will be well-stocked in his absence.

After filling out a membership application and showing a military ID, Belton resident Tiffany Demo, 37, got a temporary free membership card, she said. She will wait 48 hours before taking a photo and getting a free one-year membership card. Her husband retired from the military.

“Honestly, there’s just a few things I buy at Sam’s Club,” Demo said. “There’s a few things you can get cheaper at Sam’s. If the membership’s free, there’s no reason not to become a member.”

The corporation will give free military memberships to people associated with the military until the store’s grand opening, Crofford said.

“With our new club opening in Harker Heights later this year, we want to make sure those who serve our country and their families have access to become Sam’s Club members, which is why we have special offers available to military personnel,” wrote Sam’s Club Public Relations Manager Mark Scott in an email.

The store will open in late September at 3600 W. Central Texas Expressway in Harker Heights.

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The reason why Sam's Club values in much potential employer is because they do not have to pay health benefits


The reason why Sam's Club values retired veterans in particular over other types of potential employees is retired veterans don't require health insurance coverage.

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