Balance Massage and Bodywork

Darlene Fremming works on a client at Balance Massage and Bodywork.

Walking into Balance Massage and Bodywork, the nose is soothed by scents of tea tree oil and jasmine with a friendly face at the reception counter and soft meditation music.

When Balance Massage and Bodywork first opened its doors five years ago, owner Darlene Fremming already had 10 years under her belt as a masseuse.

“I had the clientele and of course, experience, so I decided to take on my own business,” Fremming said.

Her husband inspired Fremming to become a massage therapist.

“I met my husband while I was a flight attendant in Montreal,” said Fremming, an Ontario, Canada, native. “He was an apache pilot so he was not always in the best shape with overcoming surgeries and injuries. I wanted to help him with his pain, so I went back to school and became a massagel therapist.”

Balance Massage and Bodywork is a complete clinical day spa, specializing in reliving pain and focusing on overall wellness.

On a cool October day, Balance Massage and Bodywork was full of patients, including retired 1st Sgt. Amber Sanders of Kempner and Tamra Martin of Killeen.

“If it wasn’t for this place, I would be in tears everyday from just pain,” said Sanders, a 20-year U.S. Army veteran who has become a regular client. “I was a helicopter fueler for many years, and it’s put a lot of stress on my back. This place is a miracle.”

Martin said she likes the privacy the spa provides.

“We are like a little neighborhood, where everyone knows each other,” she said. “The calmness and privacy this spa provides is just awesome.”

In addition to Fremming, Balance Massage and Bodywork has three licensed physical therapists and a licensed aesthetician on staff.

“We want our patients to feel safe with our staff, as well as them leaving with a peace of mind,” Fremming said.

Balance Massage and Bodywork is at 101 W. Central Texas Expressway, Harker Heights. Call 254-519-4325.

Monique Brand - Herald correspondent​

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