Scott Roach, 46, is the owner of Safe Ship in Harker Heights and the author of “The Scrolls of Undanadar,” a fantasy book for young adults.

Where are you from?

I was born in Portsmouth, Va. I have traveled many places. I am retired from the U.S. military after 24 years in April. I was a warrant officer.

What do you enjoy about working in Harker Heights?

I like how Harker Heights has become more culture oriented. I feel like Harker Heights has become more upscale than it used to be back in the 1990s when I was first here. I truly enjoy being a part of (the) growth.

How long have you lived in the Central Texas area?

The first time that I lived in this area was 1992-1997. I traveled the world for some years with the military and then found myself back here in 2007.

Tell me about your family.

I have two boys ages 21 and 24. The 21-year-old attends Texas State in San Marcos. The oldest is a combat medic for the National Guard and he works in the store with me. I have been married to my lovely wife, Kelli, for the past 25 years.

What inspired you to write a book?

I have always loved to write. I home schooled my boys while I worked on my book. I wanted to try and write a book that kids would enjoy as well as older people.

Can you give some details of the book?

It is a coming-of-age story; it has a blend of humor and excitement. The protagonist of the story is a teenage boy who has a strong female character by his side. The story is about a king who was supposed to live a 1,000 years; however, he is dying too soon.

Are you involved in any community activities, organizations or clubs?

I am a member of the Harker Heights Chamber of Commerce. I helped sponsor the Back to School Bash in Harker Heights, and I support the (Homeless Awareness Response) Program.

What is your favorite vacation spot and why?

The best places that I have been, if I have to call them vacations, are the fantasy worlds that I create in my mind. Visiting my in laws in Prague, Okla., is also a great vacation spot.

What is the best advice you were given?

The best advice I was ever given was in another local author’s book. It stated, “Trust yourself, trust life.” Leslie Green ... grew up in Harker Heights and currently lives in Austin.

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