Entering middle school can be a nerve-wracking experience for even the most confident student, as Madu Eneli, 13, discovered first-hand.

Eneli, an athlete, music-lover and Union Grove Middle School student, decided to take his own experiences and turn them into a book to help children transition from elementary school halls to the “big league” of middle school.

“I started thinking about writing the book last year after I started seventh grade,” Eneli said. “I don’t think there’s another book like this that speaks to middle school kids.”

“Are You Ready For Middle School” was published by Eneli through Lulu.com.

This is his first major writing endeavor.

His mother, Aya Eneli, helped him with the project. An inspirational speaker, she has written and published several Christian self-help books.

Eneli took pre-orders for his book on Aug. 15 at Union Grove and received a good response from parents and students who were there getting ready for the new school year.

“I sold several books,” Eneli said. “Everyone seemed really interested in it.”

An avid sports enthusiast, Eneli also is an accomplished student. He was invited to take the SAT as a seventh grader and to participate in the Duke University program for talented students, according to a news release.

He was nominated to represent Harker Heights at the Middle School Presidential Inauguration Conference in January in Washington, D.C.

RaeAnn Melvin, who got to know Eneli when he was in her P.E. class at Nolanville Elementary, said he was “one of those kids who just kind of shines.”

“He gets along with everyone and everyone wants to be around him,” she said. “If I know Madu, he’ll make even middle school seem easy.”

Eneli has aspirations to play professional sports when he grows up and to open an amusement park for children and adults.

But for now, as he prepares to enter eighth grade, he’s already considering his next writing endeavor: “Are You Ready For High School?”

“I’ll probably start writing it this year,” he said.

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