Capt. Jade Root, with the 81st Civil Affairs Battalion, 85th Civil Affairs Brigade, is training to earn her shot at an International Federation of Bodybuidling and Fitness professional card.

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As a U.S. Military Academy graduate, Capt. Jade Root, with the 81st Civil Affairs Battalion, 85th Civil Affairs Brigade, knows how to train for a mission.

About three years ago, Root’s newest commission was as a mother; and nine months ago, bikini competitor was her next pursuit.

“My first show I was terrified being an officer in the military and how they’d view it, if it’d be seen as unprofessional,” Root said. “I see it as a reflection of hard work and the value and importance of what you can do with a good diet and a disciplined workout regimen.”

With a daughter who’s 3 and son who’s 2, Root wanted to get back into her “pre-baby” shape.

More importantly, Root said, she wanted to set a healthy example for her children.

At 30, Root said she feels she’s able to move at the rate of a 20-year-old to keep up with them.

Each morning, she wakes up at 4:30, gets her cardio in, wakes her children up at 5:30 a.m., attends her Army physical training sessions at 6:30 a.m., eats six high-protein meals a day, and does another round of cardio at 9 p.m.

Her routine also consists of light weightlifting, alternating between upper and lower body every other day.

“I never thought I’d be one of those girls that you see on the stage,” Root said. “I never thought I could obtain that body type, especially having two kids.”

Last July, she started training with Shauna Cemean. Root met Cemean at her first competition, the Phantom Warrior Classic. Grouped by height, she received sixth place.

“It was very intimidating,” Root said.

At that point, she started training for the Texas State Naturals competition. Those eight weeks were when she made the biggest changes, she said.

“Another reason why I felt so passionate about it is officers and soldiers are taught to be resilient, and physical fitness is a huge part of maintaining that resiliency,” she said.

Before her personal training, Root said her Army physical training score was 290. The max is 300, she said.

After six months of training, she maxed on the extended scale with a 350. Her run time improved by about 2.5 minutes, with her two-mile completed in 11 minutes and 46 seconds.

“So I’ve introduced a lot of what I’ve learned here to a lot of my soldiers,” Root said.

During November, Root took first place at the Texas State Naturals, which led to her new endeavor — Team Universe.

At the competition today and Saturday in Teaneck, N.J., Root hopes to earn her shot at an International Federation of Bodybuidling and Fitness professional card. She currently competes under the National Physique Committee.

Root said what happens at the show determines what’s next.

Her goal is to become a fitness trainer, and earn an International Federation of Bodybuilding card builds her credibility, she said.

If she earns her pro card, her next goal is to compete in an IFBB professional show in November. If not, she will have to wait until another national competition in August 2015.

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