Briana Sanders-Easley attributes her basketball success to her parents’ support and involvement with her athletic interests.

Though Sanders-Easley, who attended Harker Heights High School, but is now a senior at East Central High School in San Antonio, and her family no longer live in Harker Heights, they continue to be part of the community by commuting back to the area from San Antonio to attend the Christian House of Prayer on Sundays. Her mother, Michelle Easley said they first settled in Harker Heights after her husband, Greg, retired from the Army.

“Now, we live in San Antonio and commute back here on Sundays to attend church,” Michelle Easley said.

As an Army brat, Sanders-Easley is familiar with adjusting to new environments. Although she attended five high schools, she was able to play basketball at each, including Harker Heights, while maintaining a 3.7 GPA, Briana said.

“The girls’ basketball season had just ended in 2012 when I arrived at HHHS,” she said. “However, I began to train and condition under Coach (Shirretha) Nelson when our team was preparing for the next season. I spent my summer practicing and conditioning at HHHS with Coach (Celneque) Bobbitt.”

At East Central, Sanders-Easley made the 28-5A all-district second team after averaging 9.7 points and 5.5 rebounds per game.

Sanders-Easley credits coaches from Harker Heights for a measure of her success on the basketball court. Although she was only at Harker Heights for a short time, she left a lasting impression.

“Briana was truly a delight,” Nelson said. “She was one of the hardest working athletes that I have had the pleasure to work with. Briana is a very skilled

basketball player and I am not surprised that she was recognized in her new district.”

Sanders-Easley was a valuable addition to the Lady Hornet basketball team East Central girls basketball coach Joshua Barnes said, adding that she showed up early to practice and was usually one of the last players to leave.

“She came in working very hard and had a “don’t quit” attitude,” he said. “Normally, it is very difficult for someone who is brand new to be a difference-maker in such a short time, but Bri did it. With that hard work ethic, Briana worked her way into the starting lineup.”

Several colleges have shown interest in Sanders-Easley, so chances are she will continue her athletic career after high school graduation in May.

“This is not the last time we will mention Briana and basketball in the same sentence,” Barnes said. “She will play at the next level … the only question is where.”

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