SALADO — Auditions will be at 3 p.m. Feb. 9 and 10 for the 18th annual production of the outdoor musical drama “Salado Legends.”

The only personal requirements for auditions are that the actors be able to attend all three performances of the show — July 20, July 27 and Aug. 3.

“‘Salado Legends’ was written for 40 people,” said playwright Jackie Mills. “We’ve never had 40. Now we’re up to a little over 100 in cast and crew.”

Actors will give cold readings from a “Salado Legends” script, a news release stated.

Singers should bring a tape player for their accompaniment, and a CD player and piano will be available, while dancers need only list their experience.

“Songs don’t have to be from the show,” Mills said. “The little children, to hear them sing, we usually ask them to sing ‘Happy Birthday.’”

While prospective singers must be “polished,” Mills said acting may be taught if someone has limited experience.

Donnie Williams, who will be directing the show for the eighth year, said he enjoys seeing returning actors and families, as well as meeting new faces.

“I’m looking for motivation,” he said. “A willingness to step out of their comfort zone. These are maybe kids that have never sung before in front of a large group, and that tells me a lot about them.”

The annual performance attracts families and repeat actors and requires singers, dancers, actors and tech crews of all ages.

“I expect, easily, we’ll have about 80 people come to auditions,” Williams said. “Some people don’t need to audition because I know them very well and they’ve been involved for years.”

More than $10,000 in scholarships are available for college students or 2013 high school seniors involved with “Salado Legends” this year, a release stated.

For more information, call Tablerock Amphitheater at (254) 947-9205.

Contact Audrey Spencer at or (254) 501-7476

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