Crystal Briggs

Crystal Briggs works at her desk in Nolanville City Hall. She took over as city secretary after Ginger Metcalf retired in October.

Vanessa Lynch | Herald

A familiar face can be found in Nolanville’s City Hall these days.

Crystal Briggs, 49, is no stranger to Nolanville. She is back as the city’s secretary, a position that became vacant when Ginger Metcalf retired Oct. 31.

Briggs held the position for two years in 2008, but had to resign to care for her ill father.

“He had Alzheimer’s and diabetes, which caused him to have both of his legs amputated,” she said of her late father, who died in June. “I couldn’t juggle working and taking care of him. It was a lot.”

When Briggs first became employed with the city in 2008, which was under a Type A rule of government at the time, the city couldn’t afford to offer employee benefits.

“Not having the benefits was an issue for me,” she said. “I wanted a job where I could care for my father and receive benefits.”

Now that the city has adopted a Home Rule system of government and hired a city manager, Briggs said everything is much different.

“Having a city manager takes a large burden off a city secretary. Now I can actually get my work done,” she said. “I wouldn’t have applied for the job if things were the same as when I left, but I’m happy to see Nolanville grow.”

In her spare time, Briggs enjoys spending time with her husband, Clifford, a retired Marine, her sons William, 30, and Miles, 17, and the family dog Macy, a 3-year-old German shepherd.

“I love to read and I enjoy keeping up with the latest advancements in technology,” she said. “As I have gotten older I’ve turned into a real homebody and I’m learning how to garden.”

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