Dorothy Button

Dorothy Button bakes cakes for patients at Heritage Care Hospice in Harker Heights.

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Saying “goodbye” to a loved one can be a difficult process.

But Killeen resident Dorothy Button, chair of the Bell County Historical Commission, found that hospice services provided some comfort when she had to say “farewell” to her brother and adopted sister.

“They both received hospice services in their home and I was very pleased with the process,” Button said.

So two years ago, when Button’s stepson Hal, volunteer coordinator for Heritage Care Hospice in Harker Heights, asked her to volunteer in their “birthday club,” she was happy to accept.

Since then, she has been coined “The Cake Lady” because she bakes and delivers cakes on all of the patients’ birthdays. For most, it is the last birthday they will be able to celebrate.

“The patients are so tickled that someone remembered their birthday,” Button said.

She begins the process by contacting the caretaker of a patient that has a birthday coming within that week. She investigates the patient’s favorite cake flavor and sets a day and time to deliver it.

“I can’t start the process too early in case the patient does not make it, so I try to get it as close to their birthday as possible,” she said.

Button usually bakes a 6-inch round cake and makes a surprise visit to the patient. Her favorite part of the experience is sitting down and visiting with the patient for a while.

“Their eyes light up when I come in with their cake,” she said.

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