Fort Hood soldiers and families celebrated the 243rd anniversary of the Army Chaplain Corps at Carl Levin Park in Harker Heights with speeches, live music and a barbecue last week.

Lt. Col. Mark Morgan, Fort Hood’s deputy garrison chaplain, played guitar and sang in the band that played live music for the July 26 celebration.

Morgan said his job as a garrison chaplain is to provide direct chapel services to the families on post and to help with special chaplain events, whereas chaplains who work with the division deploy with their units and provide direct ministry to the soldiers.

Chaplain Paul Lynn and wife Elizabeth Lynn attended the celebration along with three of their five children.

“We like to be stable and secure, and that’s what God provides for us,” Elizabeth said. “God provides a sense of stability and sense of security that nothing else can.”

Paul Lynn shared a passage to express that God is always with him.

“As one of the disciples said to Jesus, even when his faith was tested, ‘Lord, I have nowhere else to go, you’re the one who has words of eternal life’ so, even if we go through the human struggles of life and transition we come back to that,” Lynn said.

Elizabeth Lynn said she thinks of God’s stability as that of the stability of a climber’s clip that supports them while climbing.

“I always think of it for some reason, like you clip into things, kind of like climber’s clip in and they hold on as their going up those sides of those cliffs, so you can tether into a lot of things in your life,” she said. “And holding on to something that’s going to move and shake all the time that’s when life gets really messy, but when you lock in and you clip in and you tether into God who doesn’t move, who never changes, who is eternal, that’s when you draw on.”

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