Fort Hood resident Alysa Smith, 5, had one word to describe a smoothie she made Monday in a back-to-school cooking class at the Harker Heights Activities Center.

“It’s yummo,” Alysa said.

She participated in the four-day class, hosted by the Harker Heights Parks and Recreation Department and led by cooking instructor Carly Ross.

She and her neighbors, 6-year-old Ellery Krattiger and 9-year-old Ally Nutt were just three of 17 children in the class.

Ellery read that the “purple juice” smoothie consisted of a low fat yogurt, frozen fruit, local honey as optional, juice, water or milk and kale.

Although initially wrinkling their noses at the idea of putting a green leafy vegetable in the drink, the verdict was different after trying it.

“I liked making the smoothie the best,” said 12-year-old Kalen Luedeke, who usually makes cake pops, cookies, cakes and other desserts on her own time.

Alysa said she didn’t think it was strange to put the kale in the smoothie because her dad has made spinach smoothies before.

Chloe Thompson, 9, of Fort Hood, said she too enjoyed the smoothie and makes her own at home.

Ross also taught the group how to make “biscuit bubbles,” which consisted of eggs, canned biscuit dough, cheese, bacon and butter, and 6-year-old Bryce Curry said he was excited to make them.

The recipe makes for a quick and easy breakfast if prepared ahead of time and frozen, she said.

The children also were taught the importance of washing their hands after handling raw eggs and to not cross contaminate utensils to cut down on the risk for salmonella.

Ross said the group of young culinary cooks spent Monday making breakfast recipes, followed by lunch Tuesday, dinner Wednesday and dessert Thursday.

“These are easy recipes they can pack in their lunchbox,” she said.

Her next class is spooky eats and treats, a two-hour class set for Oct. 29.

It will be followed by a Dec. 17 cookies for Santa class.

Parents can sign up for future classes at the Harker Heights Recreation Center, 307 Miller’s Crossing or on the city’s website at

Contact Rachael Riley at or 254-501-7553

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