Maker Monday

Walker, left, and Jake Gilchrist paint their rocks at Maker Monday, a new summer program started by the Stewart C. Meyer Harker Heights Public Library. The program, which gives children the opportunity to try their hands at various crafts, will meet at 2 p.m. Mondays throughout the summer.

The Stewart C. Meyer Harker Heights Public Library was filled with children Monday afternoon as kids ages 5 to 12 attended the first Maker Monday event of the summer.

Playing up the summer reading program theme that reading “rocks,” library staff had large, polished stones available for children to paint and decorate any way they wanted.

“This is a new program we are trying here,” Children’s Librarian Amanda Hairston said. “We still have other craft events here, but some of those are about following directions to make the finished product, which is good, but with this we are trying to get them to work more with their creativity, and as you’ve seen they are making a lot of different things.”

The children working on their rock projects seemed to be enjoying the event. Some children chose to paint their rocks in bright colors, while others turned the rocks into creative objects and animals.

“I really like doing the craft projects here,” Walker Gilchrist said. Walker was attending the event with his brother, Jake, and their mother, Sherry. Walker was designing his rock as a Father’s Day gift for his dad.

“We’ve been coming to the library about once a month to get books since we moved here a year ago,” Sherry said. “Now that school is out, we will probably be here once a week for events.”

One of the kids decorating rocks at the event said she was turning her craft into a dog.

“I am making a pet dog, and right now I am giving her a necklace,” Mari Huckins, 7, said. Huckins was busily gluing small balls of fluff around the “neck” of her new dog.

Mari’s mother, Shelley, said she really liked that the library offered multiple events for children to participate in.

“I think the library should be at the center of a child’s life,” Shelley said. “It promotes literacy and social interaction.”

Hairston said she was surprised with the turnout at the event, mainly because it was a brand-new program for the library.

“This is a new program we are trying,” Hairston said. “This is probably a normal turnout for summer events, but it was surprising to see this turnout for a new event.”

Close to 30 children participated in the Maker Monday event during the time that it ran, from 2 to 3 p.m. Many families were already making plans to attend future events.

“Their father just deployed, so I like to try and keep them busy,” Mariabel Sales said. Mariabel was at the event with her daughter, Natalya, 8, and her son, Alexander, 3.

“We have already signed up for the summer reading club.”

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