Beach party pool

From left, Robert Wayne Vanpieson joins husband and wife team Nicole and Scott Johnson and Dre Alandre in getting a head start on filling water balloons for the First Annual Back to School Beach Party hosted Sunday by the First United Methodist Church in Nolanville. The event drew about 50 local youngsters for food, music and games.

Bob Massey | Herald

NOLANVILLE — The only thing missing was a real live beach at Sunday’s Back to School Beach Party hosted by the First United Methodist Church in Nolanville.

There was water, water everywhere, but it was inside balloons and water pistols, then eventually on everyone’s clothes.

Cindi and Grant Glover had created a mix of rock and roll songs from the Beach Boys, “Hawaii Five-O” and other beach type tunes from the ’60s.

Under the supervision and cooking talents of Nolanville Mayor Pro Tem Lawerence Reis, the crowd of more than 50 residents was given free hot dogs, chips, cold watermelon and bottled water.

First United Methodist Church Pastor Patricia Warden said, “It’s plenty hot, so the weather cooperated.”

The church is well known for sponsoring events that reach out to the community.

“We don’t know each other well enough and this is a good opportunity for people to get together, bring their kids and have fun in a safe place,” Warden said.

Elizabeth Salazar, Heather Hollis and Jasmine Henderson told the Herald they had come to the beach party to get wet and squirt each other with water guns.

Other events aside from using water balloons and water pistols were water balloon volleyball, squirt gun hide and seek and basketball.

The husband and wife team of Scott and Nicole Johnson arrived early to begin filling up water balloons. They were hoping to fill 500 balloons but ran into a problem keeping the balloons from splitting during the fill-up.

There weren’t many people (especially the children) left dry by the end of the day.

Even Warden picked up a couple of water pistols and jumped into the middle of the fray.

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