Dressed in a pink apron, Callie Mathis, 7, measured and mixed brown sugar at the Little and Blooming Chefs Academy on Monday in Harker Heights.

“I love doing this. These cookies are going to be yummy,” she said.

The academy was open to children ages 5 to 12, who learned to cook from former Killeen Independent School District teacher Carly Ross. For almost two years now, Ross has taught the Little and Blooming Chefs Academy at the Harker Heights Activities Center. She said not only do participants learn to cook, they also practice following directions, reading and math skills.

As the children measured and mixed ingredients, Ross told them about each cooking utensil and how it is used. She also made sure the kids practiced safety in the kitchen and healthy eating.

“Parents can drop their kids off for a couple of hours and the kids love learning to cook,” Ross said.

The children began the class by talking about the recipe they would make. Then it was off to wash their hands before getting started. After that, they gathered around the counter as Ross explained what was needed for the recipe.

The children were given copies of the recipe so they could compare the measurements needed with the numbers on the utensils.

“Which is bigger, a teaspoon or a tablespoon?” Ross asked, holding up both measuring spoons.

The children took turns adding and mixing ingredients.

Ross said they learn about different recipes for each meal.

“We have breakfast, lunch and dinner meals that we make. For December, we are also making cookies for Christmas.”

Aiden Lee, 5, eagerly gave his assessment of the class.

“It’s just so much fun!”

For more information on the cooking class, call the Parks and Recreation Department at 254-953-5657.

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