City Council members addressed several “housekeeping” items during their meeting Tuesday.

A public hearing was held to discuss ordinance amendments to change the speed limit on Mountain Lion Road from the Killeen city limits to Farm-to-Market 2410, to extend the school zone on Skipcha Drive to reflect a 20 mph speek limit and to provide no parking signs on Mountain Lion Road.

Mary Hyde, director of public works, told the council that Mountain Lion Road was reconstructed and re-engineered in 2006. At that time, the speed limit was 40 mph and was then lowered to 35 mph. The speed limit has been posted as 35 mph since 2006, but the speed limit was not updated in the city’s Code of Ordinances.

“The current speed limit is safe and is supported by the police department and this ordinance will replace the current 40 mph speed limit in our books,” Hyde said.

The second housekeeping item before the council was a request from a disabled resident who lives on Skipcha Drive.

The resident travels back and fourth to Mountain View Elementary School in a motorized wheel chair, and there are no sidewalks for him to travel along, He requested the council extend the school zone to the north end of his property.

Hyde said the extension of the school zone would reduce the speed from 30 mph to 20 mph from 2310 Skipcha Drive to the intersection of East Iowa Drive. Both the Harker Heights Police Department and Killeen Independent School District approved of the requested school zone extension.

The no-parking signs on Mountain Lion Road between East Iowa Drive and West Great Plains Trail are also apart of the 2006 road construction improvements, Hyde said.

During the public hearing no one was present to speak for or against any of the items.

Mayor Mike Aycock closed the public hearing and city council members voted to approve all the changes.

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