More than 15 kids donned aprons, chopped fruit, scooped yogurt into cups and sprinkled granola on top Monday to make parfaits.

The group took part in a cooking class to learn kid-friendly recipes to cool them down during the summer hosted by the Harker Heights Parks and Recreation Department.

Harker Heights siblings 13-year-old Karrington, 10-year-old Sidnee and 8-year-old Jace Howard all said they preferred the parfait to the Orange Julius drink they made.

“My cousin, he’s in culinary college so when he comes over we cook a lot,” Karrington said. “But, I thought (today’s class) was an experience because I’ve never made it before.”

Jadeyn Kline, 11, is visiting her father for the summer from Edmond, Okla., and said she had fun making the drink.

Harker Heights resident Ashton Joseph, 7, said his grandmother made him come to the class, but he had fun and would make both the parfait and the orange drink again if he had the ingredients.

Under the direction of instructor Carly Ross, the group kicked off the four-day cooking camp Monday to learn breakfast recipes.

“In the summertime, sometimes it’s hot outside and you don’t feel like eating much,” Ross told the group. “So I brought two recipes that are easy, healthy and fast for you to make even on a school morning.”

The group learned the importance of cleanliness and safety in the kitchen prior to reading the recipes and learning why math is important for cooking.

“There’s fractions for measuring cups or spoons,” Ross said.

Ross said lunch, dinner and dessert recipes were lined up for the remaining days of July’s cooking camp.

Another cooking camp with back-to-school recipes is set for August, and Ross said the class is already full. “But there is a waiting list, and if we have enough people interested, we’ll add a second class,” she said.

Parents can sign up their children for future classes at the Harker Heights Recreation Center or at

Contact Rachael Riley at or 254-501-7553

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