I, like millions of others, am still reeling over Miley Cyrus’ infamous performance at last week’s MTV Video Music Awards.

Cyrus, who starred as Disney’s “Hannah Montana,” put on an outrageous performance featuring barely-there clothing, suggestive dance moves and copious amounts of vulgarity.

Although the media has exhausted the conversation, I can’t help but share my thoughts on the subject.

What surprised me was not the performance itself but the fact that it was broadcast on a regular cable channel at a time when young children could easily view it.

The level of censorship for television programming seems to drop with every passing generation.

As a child, my TV viewing experiences were quite tame compared to what they are today.

I think many will agree when I say that the quality of entertainment is far less than what it used to be.

TV viewers from my generation, Generation Y, looked up to the characters on “Saved by the Bell,” “Family Matters” and “Full House.”

These characters were suitable role models, because even through their trials and tribulations they maintained a sense of morality and decency that the shows were based on.

Outside of their characters, actors and performers were rarely seen publicly behaving in a distasteful manner.

While there was a good amount of inappropriate subject matter in TV and film, it almost never crossed the line into misogyny where children were concerned.

Today’s entertainment industry appears to compete for the sake of controversy and shock value.

If so, then Miss Cyrus takes the gold medal — and a tainted reputation — for her performance at this year’s VMAs.

The cold, hard truth for any parent is that this behavior will continue to get worse before it gets better.

I fear that this type of free expression will have an exponential impact on my son’s generation, possibly to the point of destruction.

Instead of rushing to the aid of foreign nations, this country should be trying to re-establish and protect its own ethical center.

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