My husband and I share a mutual love of baseball. We follow the Texas Rangers and attend their games every chance we get. But when we can’t make it to Arlington, we sometimes settle for Round Rock Express games at Dell Diamond.

The Express is a Rangers farm team, so we’ve seen some Big Time players hit the field there. Last year, we saw pitcher Derek Holland throw a rehab game.

A couple of weeks ago, we made our first trip of the season to Dell Diamond on a Sunday afternoon.

I was excited but annoyed by the weather. I had hoped for some bright sunshine but it was overcast.

One of my favorite parts of going to ball games is sitting in the sun, getting a tan, soaking up the vitamin D. Clouds do not fit into my baseball fun equation.

When we got to the park, the sun peeked through the clouds now and then, so my hope for a good time was somewhat restored. We chose our seats on the first-base side of the stadium, in an area we had sat in before and knew was in the sun. Unfortunately, the seats were too far back and in the shade.

They were also wedged between some elderly folks and a family with young children. I have nothing against those demographics, but I felt like I had no space at all in my seat. The air closed in around us, and, to make matters worse, whoever was running the sound system played nothing but twangy country music between innings.

But it wasn’t all bad. A few good things salvaged the outing. We saw Jurickson Profar hit a grand slam. Someday, when he’s playing in the Big League and breaking all kinds of batting records, we can say we saw him “when.”

Also, my hubby bought me popcorn and a soda. For me, everything is better with snacks.

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