DIVAS of Faith (Diversity Inspired Victoriously Anointed Sisters of Faith) held their monthly Coffee/Tea Talk two days before Christmas at the Coffee Beanery in Killeen.

The coffee-and-tea event is a monthly meeting where women can sit down and fellowship and support each other.

The founder of the group, Katina Barnett, said, “I started this group because God told me to show up and the women will come.

“I have met several different women from all different backgrounds,” Barnett said. “We have been able to talk, to mingle, network and pray together.”

Barnett said, “The group quote is ‘Depression is real.’ Many of us are in a depressed state and we just don’t know it, and the more we stay alone, the more it takes over.”

Women from Copperas Cove, Killeen, Harker Heights and surrounding areas come to these monthly Coffee/Tea Talks.

Barnett, 45, of Copperas Cove, said the start of this group was largely from her healing from a divorce.

“This month’s topic of discussion was ‘Release the pain; walk in 2018 free.’ This topic is for divorced women, women who ended a long-term relationship. Women who are healed from this are encouraged to strengthen one another. Be made whole,” Barnett said.

“In 2018, be better, not bitter,” Barnett said. “That is easier said than done, but there is strength in numbers. When prayers go up, blessings come down.”

DIVAS of Faith is hosting Operation Warm Gifts of Love, donating items to help local nursing home residents stay warm.

Contact DIVAS of Faith so you can provide a throw blanket, socks and more.

In March, they will host a Healing Hearts Tea Social.

Nadir Stewart, 41, of Harker Heights, had this to say about the group: “I am a wife, mother of two boys and a homemaker. The Cofffee/Tea meet-up allows me some much-needed quality girl time. It is a good time for me to spend time with with other ladies. I have a house full of boys. My two young boys are ages 10 and 11.”

Stewart and her husband are small-business owners for over 10 years. They own and operate Affordable Janitorial in Harker Heights.

One of the women who attended the Dec. 23 event was Shirley LaTour of Killeen.

“I like the camaraderie and fellowship with like-minded sisters,” she said.

LaTour, 38, retired from the Army in July 2017 after serving in the Army Nurse Corps. She is currently CEO of Out of the Shadows Outreach ministries.

The outreach ministry is geared toward women to help them find out who they are and to reach their God-given potential without fear, she said.

“We do scholarships,” LaTour said. “When people go through hardships, we try to help out. We provide scholarships for single mothers for their children to go to college. I am currently working on the endeavor for that now. We were officially recognized by the state of Texas in June 2017; however, I started this in August 2016.”

On Saturday, Shirley LaTour Enterprises will have a Wellness Expo from noon to 3 p.m. at the Monarch located at 8 S. First St., in Temple.

“This is a part of my love to help people be healthy, LaTour said.

Free blood pressure checks and blood sugar testing will be offered. Other sponsors will be there. Free refreshments will be provided.

LaTour also provides First aid and CPR training. She is CEO of A Heart Pounding Success, a CPR mobile service.

For more information on Saturday’s event, contact LaTour at Shirleylatourenterprises.com. Phone: 254-554-1271.

The next Coffee / Tea Talk is scheduled for Jan. 6, from 8 to 10 a.m. at the Coffee Beanery, 2408 S. Clear Creek Road, Suite 101, For more information, contact Barnett at 254-577-2268.

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