A popular European folk art class that took an almost eight-year hiatus is now back on the list of what’s new for 2014 at the Harker Heights Recreation Center’s Senior Recreation Program.

The original teacher, Meis Handy, is also back and held her first class Monday.

Many of the class’s regulars were also back in action along with several newcomers.

Judy Rosten said she is delighted to work with Handy again because she openly shares knowledge from her training in Europe.

“It’s not only the wonderful things that you learn in Meis’ class it’s the camaraderie that’s developed within this group,” she said. “It’s more fun to sit and paint with friends.”

Handy teaches Bavarian folk art. She explained that some don’t consider it art, but artists can paint on any medium including wood, metal and other materials.

“One of my students painted her entire kitchen in (the) Bavarian (style),” Handy said.

She also shared a story about one of the students in her earlier class, Margaret Dunlap, who painted a trailer behind her house in Bavarian art.

“She painted the fences with flowers and curtains for the windows,” Handy said. “Not something I would have ever thought of.”

Handy spent time during the reunion class to personally assist Norma Gabriel, who had never taken a folk art class before, admiring the work of those in the class and greeting old friends. The European folk art painting class is from 10 a.m. to noon Mondays at the Harker Heights Recreation Center, 307 Miller’s Crossing.   

For more information call 254-953-5657 or go to www.ci.harker-heights.tx.us/parks.    

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