When Janet Cooper visited the Stewart C. Meyer Library Saturday morning to pick up her usual audio book, she got more than she bargained for.

Adjacent to the Friends of the Library’s semi-annual book sale, 13 local authors set up tables in the foyer of the library to meet readers.

“I was delighted to see the local authors here,” Cooper said. “I love reading, so being able to speak with local authors is a real treat.”

In addition to the meet and greet, visitors were also able to purchase the authors’ published works.

“I hope to add to my collection of autographed books at home, by picking up a couple new books today,” Cooper said. “My goal is to read something from every one of them.”

The author fair was held after Lisa Reyes, reference librarian, was approached by several local authors to do book signings at the library.

“This was a great way to get everyone together,” she said. “This not only benefits the authors, but our patrons as well.”

Taking advantage of the opportunity to get her name out, Harker Heights resident Ericka Richard set up a table to display her first children’s book, “Thrifty Emma and the 10 Cent Tiara,” which she illustrated and co-wrote.

“This was my very first book signing solo, and just getting your name out there is a big deal,” said Richard, adding that penning a children’s book has been on her bucket list since she was a kid.

Her book teaches kids that being thrifty is “cool” and they don’t need to “spend a fortune to have fun.”

“The response I have gotten has been great. People want me to turn this into a series,” she said.

Her book is available for sale on Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com.

Book-signing veteran and Fort Hood resident Jazmine Swanson said she participates in events like the authors fair because she gets encouraged to keep writing and to keep her name out in the transient community.

“People tell me they want to see more from me and to find out what happens next,” she said about her “Avalon” series.

All three of her books started as short stories from her eighth grade English class.

With six years of experience under her belt, Swanson, now 20, said she enjoys talking about the creative process with others and likes inspiring and motivating others to start writing their own books.

“A lot of people ask me how to get started and for advice,” she said.

Her books are available on Amazon.com, JLSbook.com and for Kindle.

Authors who attended the fair were Barbara Youngblood-Carr, Swanson, Sidney W. Frost, Grayer Vaughan, Sandra Duffy Oliver, Scott Roach, Luann Smoot, Richard, Rudy A. Calooy, Sr., Leslie Green, Harrison Cheung, Lynette Sowell and Elisabeth G. Wolfe.

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