More than 15 Chinese astrology fans of all ages gathered for Family Fun Night at the Stewart C. Meyer Harker Heights Library on Jan. 30 to celebrate and learn more about the Chinese New Year.

The week prior to the program, librarians did research.

“We wanted to be as accurate as possible, especially if we are teaching them something,” said Amanda Hairston, event organizer and children’s librarian.

Activities included making paper dragons, creating Chinese hats, and an informative story on the Rat, the first sign of the Chinese zodiac, which included a Chinese theory on why cats and rats are enemies via a book called “What the Rat told Me” by Marie Sellier.

“The storytelling was pretty awesome,” said Sandra Dee of Killeen. “I’m 48, and a firm believer you can always learn something new, no matter what age.”

Eriana Stokes, 6, a student at Brookhaven Elementary in Killeen, attended Family Fun Night with her mother, Tamara Chaffey.

“I was excited to see them do an event like Chinese New Year because it exposes the children to more culture,” Chaffey said. “The Chinese New Year is not just celebrated in China. ... It’s a very big holiday for a lot of people. I’m glad the Heights library staff expanded their horizons, and I learned something tonight, too.”

Joseph Cleever of Harker Heights attended with his wife and three of their five children: Ryan, 4; Jason, 9; and Janey, 6. They are regulars at Family Fun Night.

“The Harker Heights library is always doing something amazing,” Cleever said. “The head librarian does a great job with coordinating everything. And it’s so informative and fun for the children. This is something that can benefit them throughout their lives.”

Monique Brand - Herald correspondent​

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