Valentine’s Day Family Dance

Dancers of all ages have fun at the Valentine’s Day Family Dance hosted by the Harker Heights Parks and Recreation Department.

Courtesy photo

About 230 men, women and children of all ages showed off their dancing skills at the 4th annual Valentine’s Day Family Dance hosted by the Heights Parks and Recreation Department at the Activities Center.

Theme of “Sweetheart,” the dance featured food and drinks, a photo booth coloring, and photo frame activities for the kids.

“It was a family thing and seeing all the little kids having a blast was amazing, and the DJ was really nice,” said Jordan Marlow, 16, of Harker Heights. “It kind of reminded me of homecoming, but a much cooler version.”

Activities Specialist Sarah Mylcraine, a newcomer to the parks and recreation department staff, said the dance was the first she attended and coordinated for the city.

“Planning it out and seeing it unfold with everyone having a good time, it’s awesome to know that you put that on, and its such a great feeling,” she said.

Nichole Bromer, recreation and events coordinator, was impressed with the turnout, as most of the advertisement was done through social networking sites.

“The city launched their Facebook and Twitter sites, and we are going in the route of social media. so I hope people saw it advertised through there,” she said.

The event was also a plus for those families whose loved ones are deployed.

“This one family informed me this was the first time dad was here to celebrate with them,” Broemer said.

Some people were not too excited by the dance at first, but later had a good time.

“At first I thought it was, I wouldn’t want to say lame, but unknown, because I didn’t see anything (interesting) about it,” said Alissa Martinez, 16, of Harker Heights. “But it turned out a lot better than I thought.”

With the dance’s large turnout, Mylcraine said she might have to plan for an even larger crowd next year.

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