The Family Night was a hot one at the Harker Heights Library Fire Prevention event on Oct. 19.

Firefighters/paramedics of the Harker Heights Fire Department demonstrated basic skills that could save a life during a house fire.

The event was part of the library’s weekly Thursday Family Night program, which focuses on a different topic each week.

October is also Fire Prevention Month said Capt. Jimmy Carson, who talked to 15 children and their parents about making a fire escape plan.

He asked the group what are the two ways to get out of a house, and many knew the answer: The door and window.

“Have a meeting place outside so you know that everyone got out safely,” Carson added.

Children’s Librarian Amanda Hairston read the book “Fire Truck” about fire safety, followed by the kids practicing the Stop, Drop & Roll technique to put out a fire on their clothing.

“​You want to start kids ​at a young age to ​know how to do this method,” Carson said.

A treat was watching a firefighter put on all the gear from special boots, gloves and jacket to the helmet, explaining the purpose of each piece of equipment.

All together, the outfit weighs about 75 pounds.

Some parents learned valuable tips, as well​,​ like Ralph Deffendall, who didn’t realize there are no non-emergency fire calls.

“I also didn’t know when you call 911, the dispatcher can relay your information in real time to the fire truck,” he said.

Then it was time to go outside to see the fire truck demo. Several firefighter showed the different sections where gear and equipment — such as hoses, axes and ropes to medical supplies — is stored.

This truck is one of three in the fire department, including one with a ladder, said firefighter Mike Licavoli.

“This event gives us a chance to educate the kids on basic fire safety tips they should know,” he said.

The onboard water tank was the highlight for Evelyn Hall, 11.

“It’s cool they can take their own water with them,” she said.

Then the youngsters climbed inside the cab to explore​ and experience​ sitting behind the wheel like real firefighters.

Jennifer Hall, home school mother of seven kids, said they enjoy the weekly event.

“It’s a great way to get out in the community and we always learn a lot,” Hall said.

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