Friday’s and Saturday’s performances of the annual Knight Club are headed for sellouts hosted by the choir program at Harker Heights High School.

Only a few tickets remain for the 7 p.m. shows, according to Choir Director Tommy Haygood. Tickets can be purchased online at:

The Knight Club has become a professionally produced high-energy show of classic rock, rhythm and blues, and country hits from the ’50s to the early 2000s, all performed by Heights High choir members.

Haygood, the school’s choir director for 18 years, and Bethany Cowan, assistant choir director for the past three years, are executive directors of Knight Club, assisted by the musical arranging and computer graphics skills of Peter Emerson. Emerson also directs and performs in the multi-piece professional Knight Club band.

The Herald asked Haygood about the year-round preparation for Knight Club as it begins with auditions immediately following the choir’s Winter Show.

“Once auditions close, the kids are making a list and plans for their audition for next year’s show. They’ve been already planning for next year’s show for the past two months,” he said.

“I’m teaching success, and music is the tool that I’m using to do that. I’m not about training choir directors or professional performers but teaching leadership to kids who can make a difference in our community,” Haygood said.

Cowan said, “Tommy and I have similar philosophies in that I’m not interested at all in running a factory for music majors.

“I want them to take as many opportunities as they can to be successful and build skills in leadership, teamwork and work ethic.”

During a rehearsal, the Herald spoke with students as they prepared for Knight Club.

Aiden Lopez, a freshman, said, “This year was my first time to audition. The song I selected was “Delilah” and was pleased with my audition but really nervous. Everyone in the room was watching me along with five judges writing notes on their laptops. It’s my favorite song and I got all the notes right in the audition, so I’ll be performing it on stage Friday and Saturday night.”

Junior Sarah Halabi, 16, said she is a classically trained singer.

“It was difficult during those first two years to make the transition, but Mr. Haygood was supportive and helped me get out of my shell and into singing pop music.

“This year I tried out and went through the list of songs I wanted to do and captured the one for me.”

Halabi will perform “I’ve Got the Music in Me” at Knight Club this year.

Some of the choir students perform in at least eight acts as soloists, back-up singers, ensemble singers and dancers.

The show will feature more than 30 acts.

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