Tashia Chaderton, 38, is a Zumba instructor and group fitness instructor at Illuminate Gym and Heritage Park Fitness in Harker Heights.

How long have you lived in the Harker Heights area?

I’ve been in Killeen for 12 years.

Where are you from, and what brought you to this area?

I’m from The Peach State — Georgia. The military brought me here. I served for about nine years and decided to stay home with my family.

Tell me about your family.

I’ve been married to my hunk of a husband, Sean, for 17 years. We have four incredible children — two boys and two girls.

Tell me about your job. What made you choose the field that you’re in now?

I love to dance and stay fit. I haven’t always gone to the gym, but I found a program where I can combine the two. It’s exercise in disguise. This is the best job ever. I get to come to work in sneakers. It’s truly a blessing, and I love what I do.

What would you do to improve the Harker Heights area?

Bring the dollar movie theater back. They tore it down when we first moved here. I’d like to see the Event Center area look even more welcoming.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I would love to continue helping people in the fitness industry. I also plan to compete in a few events just for fun. This is a family thing so my husband and I hope to get our children involved as well. I love helping people and watching them achieve their own personal goals whether in fitness or in their personal lives.

What is the best advice you were ever given?

“Believe in your goal. Envision your success. Work hard and you will do great,” from my handsome husband. I have his full support with any decision I make.

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