Armed with reading lists and book bags, readers hunting for books had plenty of material to choose from during the Friends of the Library book sale Saturday.

Shortly after the sale began, Jennifer Wood from Killeen was “just browsing” and had already found some “good stuff” — a few children’s books.

Stacks of books were set aside and readers found more than one arm-load of literary treasures. Recommendations were shared between treasure hunters as books were sighted throughout the tables loaded with donated books.

Vivian Marschik, president of Friends of the Library, said the money raised goes into a Friends of the Library account to “support library programs, especially the children’s programs.”

The money from the semi-annual book sale supplements the library’s share of the city’s budget.

New to the sale this year was teaching material.

“I’m a student teacher right now, so I’m trying to build up my library and prepare for my classes,” said Samuetta Doctor, a Killeen resident, who was on the lookout for children’s books. “I’ve got material helpful for myself, as far as being a teacher, and a lot of little kids’ books.”

This year, Friends of the Library netted “just over $1,000,” Marschik said.

Participation was down because of many activities scheduled during the same weekend in the area.

“We will have lots of children’s programs this summer that we — Friends of the Library — will support,” she said. “Thanks to all the generous donations of books from the community members.”

Marschik said the next book sale will be in the fall.

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