With spring competition season underway, Harker Heights High School conducted a showcase for its performing fine arts groups.

On Monday during the last class of the day, students and guests gathered in the gym to see the showoff performances of the Crimson Belles and Rosettes dance teams, Avalon color guard and the band’s percussion line.

The showcase provided the group members an audience in a non-competitive environment.

The Avalon color guard performs with the Red Brigade Band in halftime performances during football season and competes individually in winter guard. They earned a second-place finish in a recent competition and have more to come.

Their show this year, called “As Darkness Falls,” in a continuation of the full band’s “Salem” show inspired by the Salem witch trials.

Junior Makayla Brown said the show is meant to bring emotional response, suggesting the fear of being falsely accused and placed on trial.

She and senior Elizabeth Harp said taking part in color guard is a bonding experience for team members. They begin camp in June, practice with the full band starting in August prior to the start of school and continue through the year.

The competition drum line, composed of high school band members, have also competed this season and will continue with two more events in March.

Their show, “Boundless,” is based on states of matter with pieces representing ice, water and steam.

Junior Chris Han said the music style is meant to start off sharp, move to a smoother sound and then change again to reflect steam.

“This is an opportunity to compete as a bigger drum line,” he said, explaining that the performances mix marching and playing. “I like it. We can stand out more. It’s a more focused group.”

This is the first year for the school’s drum line to compete. The 20-member group includes members of the band who don’t normally play in the percussion section and have learned to play additional instruments.

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