More than 500 muggles concocted potions, played Quidditch, made wands and participated in other magic activities last weekend at Central Texas College’s GeekFest.

Alongside six volunteers, five Stewart C. Meyer Public Library employees organized Harry Potter-themed programs on Saturday and Sunday.

“We thought the library was able to reach a large number of individuals,” Library Director Lisa Youngblood said.

“It gave you a chance to get in touch with other people. ... (We were) giving them a stress-free opportunity to play in their favorite literary world.”

Volunteer Maureen Huston said the events consistently packed rooms.

“I think it’s because Harry Potter appeals to a wide variety of ages,” she said. “I’m along for the ride; it’s a fun ride.”


Youngblood said Baylor, University of Texas and Southwestern University Quidditch teams inspired her to arrange two children’s games and one adult game on the field next to the Anderson Campus Center.

Participants also learned proper wand and spell-casting techniques.

“Only the good spells,” Youngblood said.

A Hufflepuff class taught students how to make potions such as cauldron-less ice cream, and butter beer, which is similar to butterscotch cream soda.

“When a Hufflepuff does it, it’s always about food and health,” Youngblood said. “Nothing blew up.”

Kids in the Hogwarts Choir sang “When Hogwarts Comes to Texas” in the tune of “Deep in the Heart of Texas.”

Other fun

Winners of the Tri-Wizard scavenger hunt, Harry Potter Jeopardy and the Hidden Hallows Tournament, which sent seekers to look for Deathly Hallow symbols across GeekFest, earned noble wands, re-creations of the wands in the movies.

Youngblood thanked soldier Dustin Freeman, who took leave to help organize Quidditch, she said.

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