Perhaps better known for their children’s programs, the Harker Heights Public Library also has some programs tailored just for adults. One such program is “Fiber Frenzy,” held on the first Saturday of every month at 4 p.m.

Previously held on Tuesdays with the name “Sit and Knit,” the name was changed to “Fiber Frenzy” to be more inclusive, covering many different types of crafts.

According to reference librarian Christina Link, “This is just an informal get-together to work on our creations ... to be able to come together, relax, and work on our crafts of choice.”

One member of Fiber Frenzy is Ashton Rivera, 25, of Harker Heights, who said the change in date and time makes it much easier to attend.

While Rivera has many hobbies including weaving, he most enjoys sewing plush, fully-articulated dolls.

Rivera said he starts with a drawing of what he wants the end product to look like, and then cuts out a pattern. From there, he chooses his materials and cuts out the pieces from the patterns.

He sews those pieces together, stuffing the head, torso, arms and legs with batting, which then get sewn together into the complete figure. Then comes the delicate work: He makes the very detailed clothing, hair, eyes and mouth until the product is complete.

“I got my inspiration from the Grinch,” Rivera said. “Sometimes you can get your passion from the smallest inspiration.”

Link herself got her inspiration for her project, a baby blanket, from a slightly larger source: she has a baby due in December. After the baby blanket, she said, other baby projects will be forthcoming.

Link hopes more people will start to come to Fiber Frenzy once they realize the time and date have moved to accommodate people’s schedules a bit better. She also said one doesn’t have to know how to sew at all to attend.

“I’m happy to help them learn stitching or crocheting if they are interested in learning,” she said.

Link continued, “People do come at other times with their knitting or crocheting, and they are welcome anytime, but for friendship and camaraderie, we hope more will join us on the first Saturday each month.”

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