The aroma of lavender permeated the air. Annette Paulson, of Harker Heights, leaned closer to an essential oils diffuser, inhaling the fragrance.

As a jogger and lifetime user of natural products, she incorporates alternative methods in her health routine.

“The body has natural ways of healing itself, and something like aromatherapy makes me feel instantly better,” Paulson said.

The ancient approach of using natural methods to aid the healing process is known as holistic health. Its diverse ways focus on the person’s mind, body and spirit, instead of the illness itself.

Dozens of participants interested in learning more found a wealth of information at the annual Holistic Health Fair at the Harker Heights Activities Center on Saturday.

More than 12 vendors gave samples and brochures explaining about vitamins, natural juices, and essential oils, along with fresh fruits and other health-based items.

Chante Gray only cleans with nontoxic products to make her home germ-free in a natural way.

“There is a lot holistic services in the community that I didn’t know about,” she said.

Hosted by the Harker Heights Public Library, the fair’s goal is to empower a healthier community with natural health care options said Christina Link, reference librarian.

“The fair makes people aware of a variety of services in the area that can improve their overall wellness,” Link said.

Rubbing some people the right way, students from Central Texas College’s Licensed Massage Program gave free shoulder and neck massages.

This was the third year the college’s program participated in the fair.

“To be with other vendors and people who appreciate holistic health, and the natural remedies available, is excellent,” said Viola Crowder-Moger, director of the massage school program.

Throughout the morning, the crowd steadily grew as visitors sampled cups of juice, vitamins and even took home a new toothbrush.

A member of the Harker Heights Senior Program, Sharon Sifferd, of Killeen, attends many senior activities to stay healthy. She bought a jar of home-made body butter from Pure Skin Repair and tried Gummi vitamins from Juice Plus.

“I’m enjoying learning about everything today,” Sifferd said.

Not long ago, Kelly Seals started practicing mindful eating by removing red meat from her diet and added more chicken, fish and fresh vegetables.

“I’m thankful for the generosity of the community coming together to give helpful information that benefits our overall health,” Seals said.

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