From right, Rotarian Diana Miller of the Killeen School District visits with Interact Officers Paulina Gomez, Jessica Babb and Kadie Arey about the School Supplies 4 Africa project.

Reports presented at Harker Heights Rotary Club meetings continue to be filled with examples of support for the youth of the community and the world.

During a one-month period, the Interact Club already reported twice to Heights Rotarians about a fast-paced set of events the student-based group has planned for the spring.

Fliers are being distributed for the “School Supplies for Africa” drive.

The club is gathering supplies throughout February for the drive, which is sponsored by Interact and the Develop Africa organization.

Items needed include backpacks, calculators, spiral notebooks, filler paper, binders, colored pencils/crayons and markers. In addition, the club hopes to collect rulers, erasers, glue, graph paper, pens/pencils, pencil sharpeners, pocket dictionaries and reams of paper.

Other schools are welcome to participate in the service project.

At a recent Rotary Club breakfast meeting, Jessica Babb, Interact president, reported all club members agreed to a multipart fundraiser.

One is the ongoing supply drive during February. In addition there will be a preapproved PJ day.

“It’s as simple as wearing pajamas to school then donating either money or an item to the supply drive,” Babb said.

In March, a neon glow run will feature a live band and a glow-in-the-dark atmosphere.

“It will be a fun party that all of Harker Heights can enjoy and we hope residents of all ages and the business community will support our efforts,” Babb said.

Interact Director Katie Arey said she hopes for support from local businesses. “We want children, parents and all the community to participate,” she said. “It’s going to be more of a fun run than a competition.”

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