The theme of Wednesday morning was “Magical Mayhem,” and the Harker Heights Public Library didn’t disappoint, bringing back Kent Cummins for another magical engagement.

“We had so much fun the last time we were here,” Cummins said.

With over 160 attendees at the 9:30 a.m. show alone, Cummins and granddaughter Adele delighted the audience with a mixture of tricks both familiar and new, beginning with showing the children his favorite magic book, which suddenly caught on fire.

“See? There is magic in books!” Cummins told the audience members, who first gasped at the fire, then cheered and applauded at the trick.

At one point in the show, Cummins brought a young boy up with him to “test” him to decide whether he was a wizard or a muggle, mentioning the popular “Harry Potter” series of books.

He told the audience there were three stages to the test. These stages involved the boy tearing up paper, which Cummins demonstrated, at one point shredding his paper entirely and telling everyone, “Confetti!”

Everyone laughed, until the boy looked down and saw that his paper had somehow turned into a paper wizard’s hat, which had the audience applauding wildly and the boy wearing his wizard’s hat proudly.

When Cummins performed his Chinese interlocking rings trick, he put a new twist on it: he brought up a young boy (his “assistant”) and a young girl (his “magician”) to help him.

The whole audience had a great time watching the girl try her hardest to put the rings together, while Cummins kept switching the rings between the two children.

They were rewarded for their efforts with “magic money;” the girl held on to hers with a huge smile on her face — she had earned it.

The entire show was full of audience participation and fun, so much so that when the show ended, the children all wanted to stay.

Children’s librarian Amanda Hairston said, “They all want to stay and talk to him. They love him.”

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