There were 20 adults and children who were treated to some super fun at Family Night at the Harker Heights library last Thursday, Sept. 27, as the theme of the evening was superheroes.

“Tonight is a superhero-themed family story time. It goes along with…Superhero Saturday,” said children’s librarian Amanda Hairston. “We always like to tie in our themes for the main event on Saturday.”

The first of the books Hairston introduced was “Good Morning, Superman,” which compared a boy who was getting ready to face his day, to Superman getting ready for his day; it also featured the boy’s sister, who wore a Supergirl outfit, so it appealed to the girls in Hairston’s audience, as well. The second story, “Bedtime for Batman,” compared a boy’s and Batman’s bedtime routines; the third book, “Super Jumbo,” featured a crime-fighting elephant.

Hairston made sure the story-telling portion of the night was interactive, asking the children questions throughout the three stories she read and inviting lots of audience participation.

One of the activities Hairston had for the children had them identifying five different superheroes that she put on a felt board; then they sang and performed “Five Brave Superheroes,” an action rhyme involving finger play, stretching (in a flying pose), and counting as each superhero had to fly away to save the day.

Hairston asked the children, “How many superheroes are left?” after each refrain, but 3-year-old Sophie Deffendall was quicker, shouting out the answer before Hairston could finish her question. Sophie was all smiles and very proud as Hairston said each time, “That’s right!”

At the end of story time, the children got to don superhero costumes in the form of various capes, masks, gloves, and hats. This led to some very interesting combinations, such as the boy who wore the Captain America cape with the Superman mask and carried Thor’s hammer.

In all, Hairston said, “We had a good turnout, we had a good time, we got to play superheroes. The positive traits of the characters shine through. The kids get it.”

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