Soap turned into a soufflé, eggs defied gravity and balloons picked up pepper Wednesday afternoon at the Stewart C. Meyer Harker Heights Library.

More than 500 children stepped into the library’s laboratory to kick-off its summer reading program, sparking reading reactions.

Brothers Ryder, 6, and Damian, 9, Guarino watched as Ivory soap was transformed into a soft soufflé, after taking a spin in a microwave,

“I was surprised to see what soap can do,” Ryder said as his jaw dropped when the microwave door opened.

His older brother expected the soap to explode.

“I expected it go everywhere, but it didn’t, and you can still use it,” he said.

Several science experiments were setup throughout the building to entice and engage young scientists, including using the static electricity from rubbing a balloon on hair to pick up pepper.

“Activities like this get them out of the house and it goes along with their education, which is great,” said the boys’ mom, Melissa Guarino,

At the Bricks 4 Kidz booth, Robert Turner III, 6, was awestruck at what he could create with a spinning plate and markers.

“I liked it when I made the blue ink whirl around,” he said holding up his artwork proudly. “I am going to hang it on the fridge when I get home.”

His mom, Connie Turner, was happy to get her son out of the house.

“We came for some summer fun and to keep our sanity,” she said, joking. “I signed him up for everything the library offers and I am looking forward to dropping him off for a few hours during the kids night out in July so I can go out to dinner.”

Every Wednesday during the summer, the library will have two wacky Wednesday shows for all ages, from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. to noon.

Next week will be a science-themed puppet show.

For a complete list of events, call 254-953-5491.

Contact Vanessa Lynch at or 254-501-7567.

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