Library director Lisa Youngblood gathered with children at the Stewart C. Meyer Harker Heights Library last week to talk about money.

Youngblood, along with representatives from the city’s Finance Department and First National Bank, taught children about financial responsibility during the Dollar and Cents program Aug. 14.

Trinatye Bennett, 8, came to the program while visiting with her grandmother, who lives in Nolanville.

“I learned that you shouldn’t just spend money on the things you want,” Trinatye said. “You should save up for the things you need and want.”

Trinatye is saving money to buy a birthday present for her cat.

Amanda Stephens from First National Bank read a story about spending money.

“The bank has purchased children’s financial-themed books to donate to the library so parents can talk to their kids about money,” Stephens said. “It’s great to work with local libraries to teach financial literacy to children.”

Children were given play money to spend in a play store. The event was aimed at teaching children how to budget their money to buy the things they need and want. Children were able to purchase coin bags, pencils, toys and books from the play store.

Sebastian Lowe, 6, of Killeen, said he liked buying stuff from the library store.

“You can’t spend money that you don’t have,” Sebastian said.

Christina Smith, who works with the city’s Finance Department, read a book to children and worked at the play store.

“It’s important for kids to learn how to save up for the things they want,” Smith said.

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