From the perspective of a business model, the Stewart C. Meyer Harker Heights Library is unique.

It offers books, e-books, CDs, DVDs, magazines and newspapers. These products are not sold; instead patrons borrow for the purpose of learning or entertainment.

Some patrons follow their own schedule, and some participate in the scheduled activities and programs.

One program is the monthly book club, facilitating an ongoing, freewheeling, literary-based conversation of history, current affairs and possible futures.

Past discussions were about the value of art, international and multicultural perspectives of authors, romance, and the likability or non-likability of characters.

The conversation continues with “That Part Was True” by Deborah Mckinlay in August, and “Slaughterhouse-Five” by Kurt Vonnegut in September.

The library will host a writing camp for youth in first through fifth grades Aug. 11-14. To register, call 254-953-5491.

Recent arrivals include books on starting a business, and writing: “How to Write a Book: What You Must Know About Being A Writer,” by Vivian Venfield; “How to Write, Format, Publish and Promote Your Book Without Spending Any Money,” by Derek Murphy; “How to Write a Memoir in 30 Days,” by Roberta Temes; “Making Money in Your PJs: Freelancing for Voice-Overs and Other Solopreneurs,” by Paul Strikwerda; “PR for Anyone,” by Christina Daves; “Steps to Small Business Start-up,” by Linda Pinson; “The 10 Seeds You Must Plant to Grow Your Business,” by John Matthew; “The Standout Business Plan,” by Vaughan Evans and Brian Tracy; “The Weekend Book Proposal: How to Write a Winning Proposal in 48 Hours and Sell Your Book,” by Ryan G Van Cleave; “Write Your Book!: Take Your Idea from Concept to Publication,” by Karen Hodges Miller; “You Can Write a Book!” by Barbara Bingham.

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