When it comes to coaching others through their personal and professional lives, Barbara “BB” Crawford has lived what she teaches.

Certified in trauma resolution, Crawford welcomed 17 people to her first free monthly life-coaching and stress-reduction class at Heritage Park Fitness on Jan. 17.

Crawford is CEO of Emotional Self Sufficiency Training and has 30 years of experience in motivation, anxiety and stress reduction, and working with victims of violent crimes. Her work with soldiers on Fort Hood is free.

“What do you want your life to look like on Jan. 2, 2015?” Crawford said.

Silence fell over the group as they struggled with their responses.

Then Crawford asked how many made New Year’s resolutions, such as to lose weight. Almost all hands shot up.

“How’s that working for you?” she said, and the hands fell back down.

Using her life as an example, Crawford joked about her own weight gain.

“I have 35 pounds that aren’t mine,” she said. “I don’t know who left them on me.”

Temisha Baker related to Crawford’s story because she wants to lose 40 pounds.

“I’ve lost weight in the past, but gained it all back,” Baker said. “I’m here to find out how to stop that cycle.”

Crawford explained that most people fail to achieve a resolution because they are not specific enough and don’t have a system in place.

“It’s like a virus on a PC. You don’t know you have a virus if you don’t have a system to take it out,” she said.

Crawford urged the group to adopt a mantra for eliminating negativity in their lives. She lives by the rule, “If it is not a 10, don’t let it in.”

“Look at what’s not a 10 in your life, like food or people, and get it out of your life,” she said.

“Fluff time” is Crawford’s term for wasting time surfing the Internet and other non-productive activities. Cheryl Patino said that message hit home.

“It made me realize all the time I squander,” Patino said.

Every Heritage Park Fitness member will receive a free 30-minute one-on-one session with Crawford.

“Three hundred and 60 degrees of opportunities start to show up when you get to know what you want to do,” Crawford said.

For more information call Crawford at 949-933 0915 or email BarBara@esstrng.com.

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