By Bob Massey

Herald correspondent

Joe Holman, a member of the Killeen Evening Lions Club and the coordinator of the District 2X-3 Lions Alert Program, was the guest speaker at Wednesday’s regular noon meeting of the Harker Heights Lions Club.

Holman spoke about the Lion Alert Policy and what clubs are allowed to do when it comes to assisting in times of disaster, not only locally, but when catastrophic events happen outside the district.

He reminded members that disasters happen in Central Texas by mentioning the explosion in West one year ago, the tornado in Jarrell 15 years ago, as well as hailstorms and damaging floods in recent years.

“Even though our motto is to be helpful, we can’t become self-dispatched volunteers,” Holman said.

The alert program is available when a community experiences a disaster that it can’t handle locally. If needed, clubs can be called together as a unit to perform tasks that will help through either immediate assistance, recovery or clean-up.

The alert begins by clubs getting together with city officials and finding out what specific jobs need to be performed in case of a disaster.

The Killeen Evening Lions Club began to take a look at the best ways to support first-responders.

“The city of Killeen was appreciative when we decided to be on the scene after emergency vehicles and personnel were in place. Then we could provide couriers, radio operators, drivers and other services and not get into the business of pulling people out of the rubble,” Holman said. “Using the example of the fires in South Texas, we could fill the need to provide water for firefighters, food and comfort.”

Holman said what is needed is an additional club to join. “I’ve been coordinator of this program for four years and you’re the first club that’s heard this presentation,” he said.

Clubs throughout District 2X-3 will begin to hear more about this program and will be asked to join the effort.

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