Stephanie Pelton-Miller

Stephanie Pelton-Miller, 47, lives in Killeen, owns Desserts by Design in Harker Heights.

Are you married? Kids?

I am widowed. I have two smart and beautiful daughters. Amanda Pelton is a 28-year-old nurse at Scott and White in Temple and Ashlyn Miller is a student at Killeen High. Ashlyn is a KISD chess champion and second in regions. Amanda helps me with the marketing if my business and Ashlyn helps with the design.

When did you start Desserts by Design?

I started Desserts by Design in April 2011. I fell into it by accident. One if my friends asked me to make her a cake that looked like a karaoke machine for her birthday party. One of her guests at the party asked me if I would make them a cake and offered to pay me and that, my friends, is how Desserts by Design was started.

Where else do you work?

I am a clinical social worker on Fort Hood, I have been there since 2011. I am a part of a program called School Behavior Health; the program is 3 years old.

Where are you from originally?

I am a military brat. I was born at Fort Stewart, Georgia. My father retired here at Fort Hood in 1988 and I’ve been in and out of this area ever since then.

What community work do you do?

I am a current active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated. I am a chapter member of the National Pan-Hellenic Council and I donate a cake to them every year for their annual scholarship foundation ceremony. I am a Girl Scout Leader in the Central Texas Area, Silver Award Consultant Troop Leader. I am on the Alpha Kappa Alpha Greek Fest Community Expo, I am on the Founders’ Day scholarship committee and I have volunteered at the nursery of my church, Marlboro Heights Baptist, for the past four years. I chaperone trips for both Killeen High and Rancier Middle School to their chess meets.

Tell me about your family.

My parents live in Harker Heights. My dad, Johnny Pelton, is retired military and retired MWR employee. My mother, Linda Pelton, is a retired Killeen Independent School District principal. My siblings are Michael, Stacey and Matthew. I am the oldest child. Michael and Stacey both graduated from Killeen High School and Matthew graduated from Harker Heights High. Neither of them live in the area now.

What do you like about Harker Heights?

I like that I have seen so much growth and development in the area It has been phenomenal. I remember back when (the site of the current) Harker Heights High School was just woods.

I like that there are things to do for the family. I like the diversity.

What is your favorite place to shop at in Harker Heights?

My favorite place to shop at in Harker Heights is Target.

However, I really love Eagle Express.

If I need to mail Girl Scout cookies, I can keep a post office box there for my business and more.

What is your favorite restaurant in Harker Heights?

My favorite restaurant in Harker Heights is between Five Guys and Taqueria on Farm-to Market 2410.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I see myself close to retirement from Federal Service, an empty nester with two college graduates, both of whom are Alpha Kappa Alpha members. I also still see myself doing some hobby baking on the side. Baking cakes is my stress reliever.

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