Every structure needs a solid foundation made from strong building blocks. The same is true for the human body, which needs nutritional building blocks so people can live a healthy lifestyle.

That was the focus of the monthly “Food & Fitness Lunch Demo”​ ​on Oct. 5 at the Armed Services YMCA-Wellness Center at 110 Mountain Lion Road.

Corporate Health Consultant Samantha Mejia, at Wellstone Health Partners, presented an overview to a crowd of a half-dozen, which also ​in cluded a lunch of pasta salad and roast beef and turkey sandwiches.

Protein was the first topic Mejia discussed, saying, “Protein does all the rebuilding in your body, but doesn’t give you energy.”

Good sources of protein include dairy products like low-fat cheese, milk, and tofu, as well as beans and leaner meats. Mejia added, “You need to eat proteins daily because your body doesn’t store them like it stores fat.”

Fat is ​also a ​necessary ​building block in a diet since it works with proteins and supplies fatty acids. Good fat sources are fish, olive oil, nuts, and seeds.

“I mix flax seeds in my Greek yogurt for an easy way to get fat in my diet,” Mejia said.

The building block of carbohydrates was her next topic.

“It fuels your body, but beware of diets that cut out carbs, you’ll lose weight but feel tired,” she said. “So eat more vegetables, fruits and whole grains and beans and potatoes.”

Killeen ISD bus driver Michelle Elza said she needs all the energy she can get so she found the carb information very helpful.

“There’s a lot I didn’t know, so I’ll put this knowledeg to use,” Elza said.

“Eat a rainbow every day,” Mejia said, referring to the building blocks of fruits and vegetables. “Make half of your plate a combination of five colorful fruits and vegetables, which have more vitamins and minerals,” she said.

One tip about fruit is to eat it in the morning so the body has all day to use up the sugar.

“I like that tip of eating fruit in the morning,” said first-time attendee Carol Hobby.

Mejia ended the luncheon with advice about drinking the right amount of water.

“If you drink one cup of coffee or soda, then drink one cup of water aiming for about 64 ounces a day.”

Harker Heights resident Mary Drews takes aqua fit classes to increase her metabolism and stay healthy.

She found the class both informative and fun. “It was really helpful with lots of facts people need to know,” Drews said.

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