The Book family had a magical time Wednesday at the Stewart C. Meyer Harker Heights Library, as they watched magician Todd McKinney perform.

Suzanne Book said she brought her children, Kaelan, 10, and Kyra Rose, 7, because they were looking for something entertaining to do during the summer.

Kaelan said he enjoyed McKinney’s evaporation trick where he poured water into one cup, shuffled it, poured it into a second, shuffled and poured it into a third.

The trick ended with McKinney turning over all three cups to reveal none had water.

“I was pretty surprised,” Kaelan said. “It didn’t go anywhere.”

Kyra said she liked McKinney’s last trick where he ripped up a small piece of white paper but used a fan to make confetti “snow.”

Jeremiah Jackson, 8, said he thought it was cool to be involved in one of McKinney’s tricks.

With his back turned, McKinney made a prediction of what cereal Jackson would pick as his favorite.

He sealed the front of a Cookie Crisp box in an envelope then showed Count Chocula boxes to the crowd, while listing the names of popular cereal names.

McKinney handed Jackson a box cover believed to be Count Chocula and told him to not show it.

Jackson turned it around and revealed it was a Trix box cover. McKinney opened up the envelope he initially put the Cookie Crisp box in to reveal it had a Trix box.

“I like tricks, just like the cereal,” McKinney said.

In between magic tricks, McKinney promoted why reading is important.

“The library is free for you to open up the books and discover the magic,” McKinney told a large crowd.

Kaelan said while he likes magic tricks, he really enjoys reading and his favorite books right now are the “Lord of the Rings,” series.

Children’s Librarian Amanda Hairston said the library is filled with books and programs for all to enjoy.

Next week’s Wacky Wednesday program starts at 9:30 a.m. with H-E-B bakers teaching cupcake decorating for baking science.

Domino’s employees will come for a pizza program at 11 a.m., Hairston said.

The Wacky Wednesday programs will continue at 9:30 and 11 a.m. until Aug. 13.

“The programs are going great so far,” Hairston said. “We’re having great attendance at every single one. Everybody is very energetic.”

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