KILLEEN — The Central Texas Ministerial Alliance “Hope for Haiti” project inspired seven residents from Harker Heights and Killeen to take a missionary trip to the country.

The residents met with CTMA President Virgil Allgood and Dr. Lord Michael Hunt of the SAKAL Global Nation recently to learn what steps they need to take before traveling to Haiti and what they can expect when they get there.

While in Haiti, missionaries will rebuild and expand a school and introduce Christianity to Haitians.

Led by partners Hunt and Haitian-born Apostle Allain LaGuerre, SAKAL Global Nation is a conglomeration of ministries across the United States and the Bahamas. The organization had led missionary trips to Haiti since 2009.

“I don’t want people to come on this trip looking for an adventure,” Hunt said. “We want people to come straight from their hearts.”

The group of potential travelers were introduced to the current harsh conditions of Haiti in a video segment during the meeting.

The video showed views of rubble from crushed homes and Haitians living in tent cities across the country, and detailed the corruption that exists.

“Corruption, crime and the black market prevent Haiti’s people from working to rebuild the country on our own,” LaGuerre said. “False gods and dark religions lure people deeper into darkness. Haiti needs your help. Haiti needs our hope.”

Dr. Linda King, who attended the meeting, has taken two mission trips to Haiti.

“This experience is heart- and ground-breaking to someone,” she said. “To witness such conditions as this broke my heart when I first got there, and these people will have that happen to them. But I want them to know that by helping these children in this community, it will be a rewarding and humble experience.”

Monique Brand - Herald correspondent

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