Zombies, vampires and werewolves, oh my!

Monsters invaded the Stewart C. Meyer Library Harker Heights Library on July 25 for the first Monster Lab — Kids Night Out event.

“Expect lots of fun chaos,” said Shawn Runsey, 10, who was painted like skeleton-man with black-and-white face paint.

Led by several mad scientists and their lab assistants, the library was transformed into a monster’s laboratory complete with homemade monster puppets and a monster storytime.

“Tonight’s event serves two purposes of entertaining the kids with science games and activities geared toward monsters, while giving their parents the night off,” said Library Director Lisa Youngblood, who was dressed as a mad scientist in a white lab coat and goggles.

The evening began with children making stick puppets and then writing a story about a monster.

Meredith Bechi, 9, put the finishing touches on “Tiny,” her vampire ghost dinosaur stick puppet.

“Tiny is a happy and nice monster,” Meredith said.

Her sister, Emma, 7, painted her monster “Elizabeth” in purple and pink.

Emily Garcia, 16, library volunteer, dabbed paint on Kelsey Ortiz’s face to make her look scary.

“I like to help smaller children because it’s exciting to see them learn,” Garcia said.

It was the first time the library staff has done a kids night out event, but it was met with approval from parents and staff.

“We created the monster theme to teach kids some basics science experiments, such as how to measure items so they can make their own punch and snacks,” said Amanda Hairston, children’s librarian. “It’s cheaper and more fun than a baby sitter.”

Anna Niles, 10, tightly wrapped her hot dog with raw bread dough to make a mummy hot dog that the assistants then baked.

“This is more fun than watching TV at home,” she said.

The children even

made their own dessert

of homemade ice cream in plastic bags using simple ingredients.

“Kids are happiest when they’re busy and their minds are going, and that’s so important in the summer to keep them intelligently stimulated,” Youngblood said.

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