NOLANVILLE — Situated in a back room attached to a computer lab, the sets of NESTV resemble a real news desk, where a pair of anchors read a script and students at a weather display and sports desk standby.

The Nolanville Elementary School’s television station started 15 years ago and continues to roll out information at an award-winning pace.

This past year, the station’s student crew members arrived at school daily at 7 a.m. to update its news, weather, sports and other features for the before-school broadcast.

The hours, accumulated through the school year, earned the group a Presidential Volunteer Service Award for more than 900 hours of service.

Fifth-graders Owen Schoenbeck, Isabel McKinlay and Madeline Baumann reflected on their time with the school station.

“Most of my friends are on this crew,” Owen said.

Getting to school at 7 every morning is something you adjust to, the students said. They spent the time updating their daily newscasts and collecting important information like what is for lunch, staff and student birthdays and an inspirational quotation.

“I didn’t know it was so complicated,” Madeline said. “All the systems have to work.”

Winning a volunteer award is great, but students said the fun was getting to know friends during the early morning news gathering sessions and becoming more familiar with technology.

“It’s fun and it helps us learn about technology,” Isabel said.

Will Cooper, campus technologist, and Mandy Anderson, computer aide, worked closely with the student crew every morning.

“They volunteer to do it. They are really the crème of the crop of the school,” Cooper said. “They are dedicated to get here. It takes a lot of effort from the students and from their parents. It’s fun to watch how they have matured.”

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