NOLANVILLE — Residents attempted to take the edge off the extreme heat on by attending the annual Christmas in July celebration on Saturday at First United Methodist Church in Nolanville.

It’s well known for the place to get the best-fried fish in town, homemade hush puppies, French fries and coleslaw but there’s much more. People were eating in and taking it with them in carryout boxes.

Items on display were birdhouses, handmade tea towels, paintings, caramel corn, strawberry cake, Texas chocolate cake, cookies, plants and various crafts.

The youth of the church made bird feeders out of mismatched tee cups and saucers to sell at the event.

Pastor Patricia Warden said, “The kids really had a good time making this unique item. They were all amused at the purpose of a saucer.”

Fourteen of the youth group were able to attend camp at Glenlake United Methodist Church Camp and Retreat in Glenrose.

Warden said, “Their tee cup project as well as doing community service earned them points to go to camp in addition to receiving grants and donations. We have them give back so they’ll understand their part in helping the church and community. The cost of the camp is $400 per person.”

One young man, Joshua Silva, 14, was one of the work crew at Christmas in July who delivered pans of fish and hush puppies from the cook point to the fellowship hall. Silva said, “I’ve been the muscle today and helping people carry items to their cars and from place to place.”

Marie Reis was set up in a tent outside the fellowship hall selling from her personally grown 35 varieties of plants. She told the Herald that she had taken some classes sponsored by Belton Horticulture Society where master gardeners taught Reis how to propagate her plants.

Reis said, “I spend my time playing with plants. It brings me peacefulness to play in the dirt. I have arthritis in my hands and the relaxation of moving my fingers in the dirt is quite comforting.”

Enjoying fish and all the trimmings at their table were: Daphne Ledan, Anne, and Maria Savedra. They all agreed the fish fry was top notch. Anne said,” My favorite part of this event is that our church involves the entire community.”

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